Aare Thun – Bern / Information about boating the Aare

Boating the Aare, in Swiss german we say «Aareböötlen», is simply part of a summer in Thun and Bern. With the right equipment, the Aare adventure becomes the perfect summer excursion.

Water level

The Aare is a fast river. The flow rate and the water level of the Aare make for a wilder or rather calm ride, depending on the conditions on the day of your tour. From a water level of 250qm/sec we leave it up to you whether you want to rent a boat or not. From a water level of 265 sqm/sec we stop the boat rental. You can check the exact water level, river temperature and flow speed online.


If you obey the rules during the trip, boating the Aare is great fun for all participants. Please watch our information video. The Uttigen wave is considered the most difficult part of the route, so stay away from the pillars here and at all other bridges. We recommend wearing the life jacket. Please also observe the following rules:

  • do not tie boats together
  • no persons, dogs or objects are tied to the boats
  • smoking is prohibited on the boats
  • please be careful with alcohol